Where and what ski equipment do I get?

Please check under "ski programs" & your specific ski program for equipment requirements. Depending on their age and level of competitive skiing, different equipment is required. Equipment: Waxable Classic Skis (waxless ok for bunnies or beginner jackrabbits) that are appropriate for your child’s weight and height Classic boots that fit well Classic poles that are [...]

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Does my child need both skate skis and classic skis?

That depends on their age, experience and goals. Please read "ski programs" and their specific program information. For Competitive Ski programs, both skate and classic equipment is required. For REC programs, optional program nights for classic and/or skate ski. For Bunnies & Jackrabbits classic equipment is required, skate gear is optional for advanced jackrabbits. If [...]

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West Bragg Trail Head

10 mins west from Bragg Creek Hamlet.

Paddys Flats

15mins from Bragg Creek hamlet, west along Highway 66.
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