Athlete, Parent and Coach Code of Conduct


Athlete, Parent and Coach Code of Conduct


As a member of XC Bragg Creek Ski and Bike Society (XCBC), you are subject to the rules and regulations of that organization. The XC Bragg Creek organization expects all its members to abide by the following Code of Conduct for athletes, parents, coaches and volunteers. This has been implemented to ensure that all members are offered utmost respect and enjoyment while participating in club activities. Violation of the Code of Conduct will be considered a serious offence and will lead to consequences as outlined below.


The XC Bragg Creek executive shall be responsible for implementing the XC Bragg Creek Code of Conduct, Dispute, resolution, and Appeals Policy.


Rationale & Objectives for the code of conduct:

  • To respect that all participants have the right to receive the best program possible without interference or inappropriate conduct of others.
  • To ensure the safety and well being of all participants.
  • To ensure a positive public perception for the organization and for the benefit of club sponsors.


Expectations of the Athletes:

  • Sportsmanship: Positive image for the club, respect to other participants, the coaches, team members, etc Know that your first line of communication for you and your parents is your coach. To cooperate with coaches, officials, volunteers and fellow athletes.
  • Training & competitions:  Train regularly. Set measurable goals and work with coaches to achieve these. Listen to coaches and officials when they are communicating with you, and show respect.
  • Responsibility for Actions:  Obey all XCBC Code of Conduct requirements. Refrain from any of the following practices or behaviours which are considered to be major infractions: using alcohol, drugs, tobacco. Or any illicit substances; engaging in any sexual conduct or misconduct; explicit swearing; harassment; bullying; theft; vandalism; engaging in unsafe and unsanctioned activities; engaging in any criminal or illicit behaviour. Report immediately to a coach when there is a situation in which someone has been hurt or could potentially be hurt.
  • Agreement:  Read and understand the code of conduct and obey the Athlete code of conduct. Understand that failure to obey the codes of conduct may lead to loss of membership with our organization.


Expectations of Parents:

Parents by signing this agreement have agreed to:

  • Ensure that as first line of communication, they communicate with coaches as required on all aspect of training program.
  • Monitor their expectations of their son or daughters performance and recognize the adverse effect that an athlete may experience if he or she is not able to meet the parent’s expectations.
  • Be supportive advocates for their child participating in our program.
  • Commit as a family to assist in fundraising activities that is a requirement of the club.
  • Ensure that your child arrives on time for all club activities physically and mentally prepared with correct kit/equipment.
  • Ensure satisfactory nutrition, hydration and clothing of the athlete.
  • Be supportive and respectful of coaches and officials decisions in public settings.
  • Ensure that all fees due, paperwork and requested information is up to date with the club.


Expectations of Coaches:

  • Treat everyone fairly within the context of their activity, regardless of gender, place of origin, colour, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or economic status;
  • Direct comments or criticism at the performance rather than the athlete:
  • Consistently display high personal standards and project a favourable image of their sport and of coaching.  For example, coaches should:
    • refrain from public criticism of fellow coaches, especially when speaking to the media or recruiting athletes,
    • abstain from the use of tobacco products while in the presence of their athletes and discourage their use by athletes,
    • abstain from drinking alcoholic beverages when working with athletes,
    • refrain from encouraging the use of alcohol in conjunction with athletic events or victory celebrations at the playing site, and
    • refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language in the conduct of their duties;
  • Ensure that the activity being undertaken is suitable for the age, experience, ability and fitness level of the athletes and educate athletes as to their responsibilities in contributing to a safe environment;
  • Consider the athletes’ future health and well being as foremost when making decisions regarding an injured athlete’s ability to continue playing or training;
  • Recognize and accept when to refer athletes to other coaches or sport specialists.  Allow athletes’ goals to take precedence over their own;
  • Regularly seek ways of increasing professional development and self-awareness;
  • Treat opponents and officials with due respect both in victory and defeat and encourage athletes to act accordingly. Actively encourage athletes to uphold the rules of their sport and the spirit of such rules;
  • Communicate and cooperate with the athletes’ parents or legal guardians, involving them in management decisions pertaining to their children’s development.


Coaching Imperatives

Coaches must:

  • Ensure the safety of the athletes with whom they work;
  • At no time become intimately and/or sexually involved with their athletes.  This includes requests for sexual favours or threat of reprisal for the rejection of such requests;
  • Respect their athletes’ dignity.  Verbal or physical behaviours that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.
  • Never advocate or condone the use of drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances; and
  • Never provide under-age athletes with alcohol.


Disciplinary Process and Due Process

For minor Infractions of the XCBC Code of Conduct will be dealt with as follows:

The resolution of the problem could involve the imposition of disciplinary measures by the head coach in consultation with the other members of the coaching staff. Disciplinary measures may include any or all of the following, as applicable:

  1. Verbal reprimand
  2. Written reprimand
  3. Withdrawal of training and/or competition privileges
  4. Return to home at the expense of the athlete (or offending person).

In the case of minor infractions, the program coach will schedule a discussion with the athlete and/or parent(s) concerned. All parties will discuss the incident and agree upon strategies to improve conduct. If this first step fails to achieve the desired results, the program coach will coordinate a meeting with the program coach, head coach, program director and parent(s). The third step is a meeting with the program coach, a representative of the XCBC Board of Directors and parent(s).


Disciplinary decisions with respect to major infractions or violations of this Code of Conduct shall be made by the XC Bragg Creek discipline committee assigned by the board of directors.  Note: a supervising coach may, in necessary circumstances, suspend an athlete until such time as the discipline committee can address the matter in a most timely fashion. In the case of major infractions, the program coach will notify the program director and the parent(s) as soon as possible.


The discipline committee is made up from 2 parent representatives appointed by the board of directors of XCBC and 1 member of the executive. One of these appointed members will serve in the role of discipline Advisor, to lead the committee, and will fulfill duties as outlines below. When the Discipline Advisor is unable to fulfill his or her obligations, a designated from the Discipline Committee will take over the responsibility. The executive representative is a nonvoting member of the Discipline Committee, and serves only to liaise between the discipline committee and the XCBC executive.

To avoid conflict of interest, if a violation report includes the name of a son or daughter of a Discipline Committee Member, that member shall remove themselves from the investigation/decision making process, and shall request that the board of directors for XCBC Executive appoint a temporary stand-in. If a discipline committee member finds themselves in a potential conflict of interest situation as a result of a family or friendship connection with the athlete or adult in question, he or she shall likewise excuse themselves from the process.


XCBC will operate on a standard of proof called ‘Balance of Probabilities’. In contrast to the criminal courts requirement for proof “beyond a reasonable Doubt”. Balance of probabilities would require that the Discipline Committee take into account all available information and determine the most likely explanation of the behaviour or incident and assign to that a suitable consequence. Discipline with due process must be followed.




Decision Making & Follow Up


Please sign below agreeing to the above.


Athlete Name: _______________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________


Parent Name: _________________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________


Coaches Name: _________________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________



PHOTO RELEASE: Photographs are regularly taken during club program activities and special events. I grant permission to XCBC and other associated organizations (e.g., CCA, CCC, ABA, etc) to use my/my child’s photograph on its website, on exhibition space and/or for fundraising, development or public relations purposes.


Signature_________________________________________ Date__________

Parent/Guardian Signature (if applicable) __________________________





1) Athletes, parents and coaches agree to respect and provide support for coaches to coach and officials to officiate. If parents have a concern about their child, their child’s program, or the coaching of their child, they should voice these concerns in a respectful manner in one of the following ways:

  1. i) First, through discussion with the program coach immediately following the session. Parents should refrain from voicing questions and concerns at the beginning of a session when the coach is focused on the session at hand.
  2. ii) Second, through a meeting with the program coach and head coach.

iii) Third, through a meeting with the program coach and a representative of the XCBC Board of Directors.


2) It is expected that athletes, parents and coaches display responsible and positive attitudes. A positive attitude is contagious; unfortunately, so is a negative attitude. XC Bragg Creek (XCBC) encourages parents to enjoy watching, skiing and having fun with their child!


3) Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child finds the appropriate group if he or she arrives late. It is also the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child is picked up on time.


4) Participants must arrive with appropriate clothing and equipment for the session activities. For skate skiing, participants must arrive at a skate ski session with clean bases.  For classical sessions, participants should be ready to start the session with the kick wax of the day applied to the kick zone. (No wax is required for wax less skis.) No jeans allowed for skiing. It is the participants’ responsibility to be dressed appropriately for the weather, as noted under “equipment” sections for the specific program. If a participant is improperly dressed, the participant will not be allowed to attend class, as this affects their personal safety and the group’s activities and safety. Participants should carry a water bottle.


Mountain bike participants must arrive with properly sized bicycles in a good state of repair. All riders must have proper fitting cycling helmets as well as water bottles or hydration packs.


All individuals (children, parents and coaches) participating in any organized XC Bragg Creek mountain biking or x-country skiing event (training session, clinic, group ride, race, etc.) must be current members of the XC Bragg Creek ski and bike society. Being a member of the XC Bragg Creek bike club includes general membership in the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA). Being a member of the XC Bragg Creek ski club includes a general membership in the Cross Country Alberta (CCA)/Cross Country Canada (CCC) programs.  These memberships cover the participants and the XCBC society for sport injury and liability insurance.



5) It is mandatory for parents of skiers at the Track Attack level (ages 9 to 12) and higher to participate in a free waxing workshop offered by the club at the beginning of the ski season.


6) Athletes, parents and coaches must respect other members’ person and property. Disrespect for property, and verbal or physical abuse which violates the integrity and well being of another will lead to disciplinary action.


7) Members of the club will represent XCBC at competitions by wearing club clothing (if they own any).


8) Please do not bring your dogs to lessons as this becomes a hazard to our members.  If you wish to bring your dog, please have them on a leash in the designated on-leash areas away from the lesson areas.


9) Parents and participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation to away events. XCBC coaches are not responsible for the safety of athletes while travelling to away events.


10) Athletes, parents and coaches must respect all trails and equipment, as well as the property and equipment of all other properties visited as part of the XCBC team.


11) Athletes, parents and coaches are expected to adhere to a high standard of moral and ethical conduct.

  1. a) This includes refraining from conduct that is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, offensive or physically harmful.
  2. b) Types of inappropriate behaviour also include, but are not limited to, unwelcome jokes, teasing, bullying, threatening, abuse and assault.


12) Smoking and involvement with non-prescription drugs (this includes social drugs) or banned doping substances is not allowed.


13) Athletes, parents and coaches will behave in a respectful manner towards others. Swearing, violence or vulgar language will not be tolerated.


14) Athletes, parents and coaches will demonstrate a respect for property. Willful vandalism, the destruction of property, or theft will not be tolerated.


15) Athletes will obey curfews and schedules and punctually attend all team events.


16) Athletes will keep all team areas, including sleeping areas, neat, clean and orderly.


17) Any behaviour that jeopardizes the good name and reputation of XCBC will lead to disciplinary action. This includes, but is not limited to, verbal or physical abuse of other team members, volunteers, club members or citizens.


Young Athletes Code of Conduct on XCBC Away Functions

1) I will respect other people and their property at all times.

2) I will be polite, sportsmanlike and well behaved.

3) I will strictly obey all lights out and quiet times, realizing that proper sleep is important for all athletes.

4) I will keep my sleeping area neat and tidy and will look after my equipment and belongings.

5) I will be on time for all events, meals and workouts.

6) I will be well prepared for every event, i.e., with proper clothes, snacks, gear, etc.

7) It is my responsibility to know the schedule and wear a watch.

8) I will not hurt another person with words or actions, but seek out a coach or parent chaperone to help if needed.

9) I will not smoke or drink alcohol.

10) I will not take any medication unless cleared by a coach or parent chaperone.

11) I understand that I may be sent home if I do not behave properly.


Please sign below agreeing to the above.


Athlete Name: _______________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________