Volunteering for XCBC

Sourcing Training Equipment:

  • We are interested in your old tennis balls. These come in very handy for skills training.
  • We are also interested in your old bike tire inner tubes, old hoola hoops, soft rubber balls, we can also use these for training tools.

2018/2019 Volunteering Requirement:

Mountain Bike Program 2018 – Since we are a non-profit organization run by volunteers, we do ask all members to volunteer. We ask that all members agree to contribute in volunteer activities, such as Club Meets, Registration, Equipment, Social Events, etc

Ski Program 2018/2019 –

XCBC has included a $150/household volunteer deposit fee which will be reimbursed to the payee once the volunteer hours are completed or at the end of the program season.

5hrs of volunteer time/child is required throughout the program season for participants in the Jack Rabbits and Competitive Programs

2hrs of volunteer time/child is required throughout the program season for participants in the REC Program

Exception: Bunnies as parent assistance is required for all participants.

There are lots of fun jobs to choose from:)  Our club is growing and we need your volunteer support.  XCBC hosts 2 ski race events throughout the ski season which, one of which is our big fundraiser. Please mark your calendars for the Alberta Youth Championships Mar 2 & 3, 2019.

(No need for XCBC coaches or club executive to write deposit cheques for their children’s program registrations)

All available positions will be posted on zone 4 registrations and emailed out during seasonal program times on a “when needed basis”.  Thank you for continuing to make our club strong by volunteering your time. We couldn’t do it without you!

XCBC relies heavily on volunteers.

Lots of volunteers lighten the load for everyone

  • Volunteer information can be located on our website/Face book.
  • Volunteer opportunities are added periodically
  • An e-mail is sent to advise of new opportunities
  • Sign up early for best choice of tasks and shifts
  • A confirmation e-mail is provided

Why Volunteer:

Allows our club to provide great events

  • Learn more about the sports of biking and skiing.
  • Meet other parents and officials
  • It’s fun to be a part of an event
  • It’s rewarding to make a contribution
  • Often provides a ring side viewing location
  • Makes time pass quickly at an event or scheduled program.
  • Helps keep membership costs reasonable.