Erik Anderson
Erik AndersonHead Coach of REC Mountain Biking
Dustin Leclerc
Dustin LeclercHead Coach of the Performance Team
As a cyclist my Racing and Coaching experience comes primarily from the various Mountain Biking disciplines having raced and coached XC, Downhill and Endurance events over the years. My love for mountain sports brought me west to Alberta in 2009, having a settled in the Okotoks and having first child I look forward to joining the XC Bragg Creek ski and mountain bike programs as a coach and sharing my passion for the mountains and an active lifestyle.
Growing up in Northern Ontario XC skiing was picked up early on in life, after university volunteered as a ski patroller in both the Nordic and Alpine disciplines for 5 years at both competitive events and some Ontario’s busiest resorts.

Bike Coaches

Ray Potvin
Ray PotvinBike Coach
Started crosscountry skiing at age 40 and loved it. Competed in 12 edmonton Birkibeiner loppets. Just recently took up skate skiing. Love to see kids happy faces when they master a skill.
Shane Keyser
Shane KeyserBike Coach
Mike Lynch
Mike LynchBike Coach
Tara Jansen
Tara JansenBike Coach
Tara is an active outdoor and mountain enthusiast, enjoying both XC and downhill skiing, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking, but most of all leading an active lifestyle in beautiful Bragg Creek with her husband, Greg and two children. She is looking forward to coaching this season and being part of such an amazing club!
Dwayne Ellis
Dwayne EllisBike Coach
Moving to Redwood Meadows in 2010 from Calgary for the outdoor lifestyle that the foothills and Bragg Creek provides; Dwayne loves xc skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. Dwayne’s passion for skiing has led to coaching JackRabbits and TrackAttack programs and he is enthusiastic to continue his volunteer coaching and support of the XCBC club.
“XCBC is an amazing program and very welcoming to new members and young athletes hoping to explore the outdoors with an experienced community of adventurers, Dwayne”
Greg Jansen
Greg JansenBike Coach
Tory Fassnidge
Tory FassnidgeBike Coach
Tory Fassnidge has been involved in mountain biking since the early 90’s. Growing up in Calgary, he began a love for the sport and racing in Alberta. Later, he honed his skills in coastal BC while serving in the Navy. He is currently working as a mountain bike officer with the Calgary Police.

His real passion is helping kids get into the sport and building their skills. Both his children have progressed through the XCBC program and are becoming excellent mountain bikers themselves.

Tory looks forward to the snow melting, the trails hardening up, and to riding with some hard working youths who like to challenge themselves in the outdoors.

Tory is ‎a resident of Bragg Creek and has been a coach with XCBC for 7 years since the inception of the program. He is accredited as a mountain biking coach with the National Coaching Association.

Gord Trainor
Gord TrainorBike Coach
Ted Johnson
Ted JohnsonBike Coach
Chris Chetcuti
Chris ChetcutiBike Coach
Murray Insgstrup
Murray InsgstrupBike Coach
Murray introduced Ingrid to cycling and mountain biking and it’s been one of their favorite pastimes ever since. Murray has coached in the past and enjoys watching the growth of the riders. Ingrid loves the active lifestyle and although she hasn’t coached before, looks forward to spending time on the bike with the kids. Ingrid and Murray live close to Millarville with their two boys, and love to bike, ski and hike.
Brett Habijanac
Brett HabijanacBike Coach
Tom Fransham
Tom FranshamBike Coach
Jade Azzaria-Byrne
Jade Azzaria-ByrneBike Coach
Coach Jade is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to mt bike, hike, cross country ski and camp. She has coached a couple of years with the x/c ski program and looks forward to riding with the kids this spring!
Allison Rose
Allison RoseBike Coach
Ingrid Rozema
Ingrid RozemaBike Coach
Murray introduced Ingrid to cycling and mountain biking and it’s been one of their favorite pastimes ever since. Murray has coached in the past and enjoys watching the growth of the riders. Ingrid loves the active lifestyle and although she hasn’t coached before, looks forward to spending time on the bike with the kids. Ingrid and Murray live close to Millarville with their two boys, and love to bike, ski and hike.

David Mills
David MillsBike Coach
Trevor Baine
Trevor BaineBike Coach
My name is Trevor Baine. I grew up in rural southern Ontario and to only way to see my local friends and have fun, was to ride my bike. This philosophy carried through my school and university years, as riding was my main mode of transportation. I joined the university mountain biking team and raced O-Cups, but generally just loved being outside. When I initially moved to Alberta, I transitioned to Adventure Racing and met my wife. With the addition of our son a number of years ago, I generally only trail run or mountain bike now. We especially enjoy riding as a family and try to get out on the trails much as we can.
I hope that I can share with you my love of being outdoors and riding.
Jerry Raduy
Jerry RaduyBike Coach
Originally from Winnipeg, Jerry moved out to Alberta in the early 90’s after enjoying the mountains while traveling.
Finally settling in Calgary, he continues to pursue his passions of enjoying his family, (Wife Tanis, Daughters Alix and Bria) along with Alpine skiing and cycling.
Jerry has been an avid Mountain Biker for a number of years now, participating in various stage races across North America as well as Grand Fondo’s. Always looking for adventures between various sports including hiking, sailing, kiteboarding, alpine skiing, and mountain biking. Being a new coach to mountain biking he brings lots of encouragement to help others enjoy the same passion. Looking forward to being part of the team.
Coach Jer

Wade Ewen
Wade EwenBike Coach
Zachary Stanier
Zachary StanierYouth Bike Coach
Keely Anderson
Keely AndersonYouth Bike Coach
Renee Coe
Renee CoeBike Coach
Jimmy Monceaux
Jimmy MonceauxBike Coach
Anne Renee Gagnon
Anne Renee GagnonBike Coach
Bobby Beer
Bobby BeerBike Coach
Melanie Wrigglesworth
Melanie WrigglesworthBike Coach
Simon Lomas
Simon LomasBike Coach
Kim Ritter
Kim RitterBike Coach
Kim is an avid mountain biker and skier. She spends a lot of time in the mountains with her family skiing, biking, hiking and camping. As a past volunteer with the Spin Sisters, Kim loves seeing people get into mountain biking so she’s looking forward to coaching these young riders in this amazing sport.
Rhett Read
Rhett ReadBike Coach
Rhett enjoys biking in the summer and DH skiing in the winter. Growing up in Redwood Meadows he gained a love and appreciation for the outdoors early in life. He now enjoys sharing outdoor pursuits with his wife and two sons. They can be found most weekends having fun out in the mountains.
Matt Beck
Matt BeckBike Coach
Matt has grown up on a steady diet of outdoor adventure in the mountains. He has competed in alpine, xc, freeride and freestyle skiing as well as xc mountain biking back in the day. He has been an alpine ski instructor and freeride coach for over 15 years. As his 3 kiddos grow up with their own love of outdoor pursuits, he is having a blast shredding the trails as much as possible with the xcbc crew.

Elise Konoff
Elise KonoffBike Coach
Jeff Konoff
Jeff KonoffBike Coach
Rich Castillo
Rich CastilloBike Coach
Patrick Stanley
Patrick StanleyBike Coach
Sandy Fransham
Sandy FranshamBike Coach
Brian Berkshire
Brian BerkshireBike Coach
Growing up in NFLD being outdoors is what we did. We climbed mountains, climbed trees, canoed the rivers and road our bikes everywhere. Picture is of me and my 3 lovely kids after climbing the mountain where I grew up. The wild blue berries we found at the top were awesome. 
The adventures you have and the views you see while being in the mountains are incredible. The world is a beautiful place and where we are is second to none.
I have coached many sports and different actives with my kids. This will be my first year with XCBC and I am very excited to spend time with the kids out on the trails, learning skills together and having a great experience.
Let’s have some fun in the great outdoors.
Mike Krazizky
Mike KrazizkyBike Coach
Mark Boonstra
Mark BoonstraBike Coach
Steve Kruzic
Steve KruzicBike Coach
Maya Stanier
Maya StanierYouth Bike Coach
David Thurston
David ThurstonBike Coach
Chad Fehr
Chad FehrBike Coach
Ben Fleetcroft
Ben FleetcroftBike Coach
John MacPhee
John MacPheeBike Coach
Kerrie Friesen
Kerrie FriesenBike Coach
Martin Reuter
Martin ReuterBike Coach
Mike Bain
Mike BainBike Coach
I have been interested and excited about cycling my whole life. Since having a family and moving closer to the mountains I have strived to provide opportunities for my family to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. My cycling career is primarily based on recreational mountain biking with friends and family. I have raced in a few enduros, endurance races, Relay races, and several Cyclocross races. I enjoy the challenges cycling provides me as well the great friends I have made in the process. I look forward to the experience of coaching and being able to further my families and yours interest in the sport.
Nicole Muzechka
Nicole MuzechkaBike Coach
Jeremy Gizen
Jeremy GizenBike Coach
Coach Jeremy is a nature lover who enjoys all the great outdoor activities that Bragg Creek has to offer. He is especially drawn to mountain biking as it allows him to share his love of the outdoors with his family and the community. After several years as a parent sweeper for XCBC, Jeremy has now taken on a coaching role and loves to hear the kids hoot and holler on Bragg Creek’s single track trails. He is looking forward to this year’s bike season and ripping the trails with anyone who is keen to get out!
Lorinda King
Lorinda KingBike Coach
We are excited to be part of XCBraggCreek. I (Lorinda King) am a native Albertan. My family moved to an acreage north of Cochrane when I was in the 8th grade and I quickly learned that I needed to ride a (road) bike to get anywhere significant. I love biking of any sort, it is my happy place.
In the early 2000’s I let triathlon be my excuse for super long rides including several ironman races. We now have 2 bike happy girls that I like to ride with (admittedly almost my only rides these days). When I am not biking I can be found skiing, trail running or paddling our kayak (or washing dishes … they never seem to stop).
Earl Badger
Earl BadgerBike Coach
Michael Mauws
Michael MauwsBike Coach
Hello, fellow and future MTBers! My name is Michael. During business hours, I’m a business professor; the rest of the time, I’m a dedicated cyclist. I grew up racing motocross bikes (and snowmobiles) in the 1970s and 80s — yes, I’m that old — and switched over to XC MTBing (and snowboarding) in the 90s. Since then, my love of biking has steadily increased with me now riding both road and fat bikes when time or trail conditions prevent me riding my XC bike. I lived in Canmore for eight years and spent a lot of time riding its trails. I’ve also ridden quite a bit in Arizona and BC. And since I moved to Calgary in 2012, I’ve spent a lot of time riding the trails of West Bragg. My kids and I joined XCBC in 2016. And while I’ve been out there with them every night, it took me until 2018 to figure out that I’d need to be a coach if I wanted to get my hands on all the snacks.
Darcy Verhun
Darcy VerhunBike Coach
Thomas Fassnidge
Thomas FassnidgeYouth Bike Coach
Thomas Fassnidge has been involved in XCBC since the early age of 7. He grew up in Bragg Creek and continues to be extremely active in local outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and anything you can do around the river and creeks.

Over the past few years with XCBC, Thomas has progressed from student to junior coach and he truly enjoys bringing the fun of mountain biking to young kids. Now at age 15, he helps coach mountain biking for kids with both the XCBC and Winsport.

Thomas is currently a next generation athlete with Luge Canada and competes internationally.

Ashleigh Barnwell
Ashleigh BarnwellBike Coach
Ashleigh is excited to be part of XC Bragg Creek. With a history of competitive sport including XC mountain bike racing, triathlons and squash he knows what is takes to compete and develop as a youth in this sport. With two young kids starting to express interest in the sport he is looking forward to helping develop the next generation of mountain bike enthusiasts.
Brendon Jones
Brendon JonesBike Coach
I’ve been an avid cyclist since a kid growing up in Hinton, Alberta where we spent our time building epic jumps in the bush. Eventually in about 1996 while attending University, I wisely spent some of my student loan money on my first mountain bike. It was a Rocky Mountain Cardiac hardtail and it set forth a lifetime passion.

Since that time I have spent many hours riding mountain bikes and have competed as a recreational competitor in several events including 5 years at the 24 Hours of Arenaline, the Rundles Revenge 100km, Rundles Revenge 50km, the Salty Dog and many family weekends away just enjoying the trails with my wife Tracy and iur 10 year old son Ben.

We’ve been a part of XCBC for the last couple of years with Ben doing to fall program. I’ve ridden along as aparent volunteer and am really looking forward to make the step to coach.

Ian BarclayBike Coach
Ian grew up in Spruce Grove, Alberta and now calls Cochrane home. He got his first mountain bike from Sears as a birthday present in the early 80’s and has been riding ever since. He has since upgraded his bike and is passionate about riding recreationally with his family and friends. He is happy to have passed on his passion for mountain biking to his two sons, Jake and Ben.