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Performance Team 2024

We are currently planning our Competitive Mountain Biking program for 2024. If your child is interested in taking part this year please email our Program Director - this will help us with our planning.

We are always looking for coaches for all our bike programs. If you are interested, please email our Program Director or Erik Anderson .


Mandatory requirements for competitive team athletes: well-functioning & maintained mountain bike with front shock and clipless pedals (younger riders may be transitioning), helmet, and the purchase of a team club jersey and ABA membership. Recommended 27.5- 29 wheel size.

Athletes should be confident riding blue trails, and have a desire to try more technical terrain. They should have a desire to train and to race. After the first session, if athletes need to switch to the REC bike program, refunds will be issued.

Ages - 11-15 They should be able to complete Merlin loop in under 1:45.

Club Membership

For reasons of safety and liability we will require that ALL people (adults and children) participating any group activity become members of XC Bragg Creek & have valid insurance through ABA ( Alberta Bicycle Association) if required for their specific programs (see registration).

Registration for XCBC membership is on Team Snap with the program registration. (Annual fee for an XC Bragg Creek membership is $5 for an individual.

If required, ABA memberships are purchased through ABA

(ABA insurance general memberships are $40 for adults and $30 for children annually, ABA racing licenses are $135 for adults and $90 for youth with additional of a $35 insurance fee).

For your safety and club liability - no ABA insurance confirmation, no rides, no exceptions.

XC Bragg Creek Ski & Bike Society:

We currently run a recreational spring & fall mountain bike program and a seasonal competitive mountain bike program.

XCBC Mission Statement

The club is built on the beliefs that; every child can learn to ride skillfully (technical proficiency); riding fast is fun (physical fitness); riding is challenging (personal development).

Days & Times

Information on class days and times.


Performance Team Mountain Bike Program

Dates still to be determined

Sun  - 9:30am-12:00pm
Thurs- 6:00pm-7:30pm

Program Costs

Costs for season


Annual XCBC Membership Fee $5/person
plus annual ABA memberships if required for specific programs
***These are required to ride with XCBC***


Club Involvement

If you wish to join a program or become a parent volunteer
Contact Program Director: Program Director

Become a Member


Club Memberships

Performance Team further information:


Equipment Requirements:

Mandatory requirements for performance team athletes: well functioning & maintained mountain bike with front shock and clipless pedals, helmet, and the purchase of a performance team club jersey.  Please see specific requirements under the detailed program description for Tier 1 & Tier 2.

Required Memberships:

For reasons of safety and liability we will require that ALL people (adults and children) participating any group activity become members of XC Bragg Creek & have valid insurance through ABA ( Alberta Bicycle Association) if the specific program requires this.  Registration for XCBC memberships are on zone 4 with the program registrations. ABA memberships through ABA: ABA memberships/licenses

The annual fee for an XC Bragg Creek membership is $5 for an individual or $17 for a family which is valid April - April of each year.

ABA insurance general memberships are $40 for adults and $30 for children annually.

ABA racing licenses are $135 for adults and $90 for youth with additional of a $35 insurance fee.

First aid – each coach will carry a first aid kit with basic supplies. Each coach will create an emergency response plan to react to first aid situations.

Parent Roles - Parents wishing to ride along with the performance team must speak with the head coach for this team to ensure that they can keep up and manage the riding terrain.

-Ensure your children arrive on time and are picked up at the end of sessions on time

-Ensure that all necessary equipment comes with the rider & all equipment is in working order. No helmet, no ride, no exception

  • Sundays 9:30 am -12:00 pm
  • Thursdays 6:00 pm - 7:30pm

Options for additional rides will be discussed

Rainy Days - options for indoor spin classes or equipment care & maintenance

XC Bragg Performance MTB Team - Tier 2

The goal for the athletes in Tier 2 is to help the athletes achieve their maximum potential at a provincial level, with the intent maximizing their performance at Alberta Cups Events. The program will focus on a race specific training program focused on Zone Training, Improving V02 and Watt Outputs, Race Strategies, and improving the athletes technical abilities.

XC Bragg Performance MTB Team - Tier 1

The goal for athletes in Tier 1 focus on building the skills, fitness and techniques required to race regional fun races "Trailblazers" or Grassroots events, and create a foundation for the athletes to step into our Tier 2 (or other equivalent program). This is to be completed in a supportive environment focused on community, fun, and reaching the athletes maximum potential.

Mountain Bike Safety

Safety Ground Rules

Pre and Post Ride
- Don't ride on roads without a coach
- Stay well away from parked and moving cars
- Ride the stunts in a clockwise direction only
- Stay within site of the meeting place

Lead & Sweep Riders
- The lead rider (should be a coach parent or responsible child)
- Must stop at all trail junctions to regroup.
- Don’t proceed until the next adult has gotten to the junction
- This is very important to ensure that no riders get lost.
- When leading a group call out i.e. "Day O"around corners and blind spots to ensure that other trail users and animals are aware of your approach
- Always have an adult riding sweep -know who is in your group and how many kids - do regular head counts.
- Kids must not take short cuts and must stay with the group. No Exceptions.

Injury & Illness
- If you hurt yourself or don't feel well tell your coach or an adult
- Drink water when you get a chance

Trail Etiquette

- Be aware of other cyclists and stay out of each other’s way
- Don't block trails - don't stop in blind spots, at bottom of hills, at the peak of a climb
- Never leave bikes laying on the trail
- Best place to stop is just past the top of a climb allowing enough room for other riders to group behind you
- Always yield to horses and pedestrians- slow right down or pull over and stop
- Be polite and respectful to other trail users
- Leave plenty of space between you and the rider in front of you. - at least 4 or 5 seconds gap
- Only pass when there is room and it is safe to do so.
- When approaching hikers and bikers from behind notify the riders - "passing on the left" (or right)
- When meeting riders 'head on' both riders should slow down and move to the right to allow space to pass. If not enough space then be prepared to stop and pull off of the trail and yield to the other rider
- Yield to riders going uphill. It is easy to remount your bike when descending as opposed to when you are climbing

Leave No Trace
- Stay on trails- don't cut corners
- Don't skid
- Don't ride when it’s too muddy
- Don't litter
- Don’t frighten or endanger wildlife
- Watch for Wildlife – Bear Safety

Be Good to Your Bike
- Keep your bike clean, lubricated and in good working order
- Never lay your bike down on the drive train side
- Leave other rider’s bikes alone

Enjoy the ride
- This is not a race.
- There are all levels of riders - Don't be discouraged if you can't keep up with everybody
- Challenge yourself - be confident and try things even if they are hard and scary
- You will be amazed at what you are capable of
- Team work - Be supportive and encouraging of other riders "good job" "you can do it"
- Ask questions
- Have fun and try hard

1. Assess the Situation: determine the nature of the emergency and what type of response is required (first aid, search for a lost person, etc.).

2. Develop a Response Plan: based on the nature of the emergency, develop an appropriate response plan (first aid treatment, initiate search, etc.)

3. Call for Assistance: use the two-way radio on channel 2 to call for assistance from one or more of the other XCBC groups.

4. Assume leadership of the group and delegate responsibility: group members should assist in patient care if needed, If needed designate one or two adults to go for help.

5. The group with the victim(s) should:
• Make the victim(s) as comfortable as possible, maintain his/her body temperature and protect the victim from the elements.
• A trained first aider should be with the victim at all times.
• Children should never be left unattended
• Give the other group members something to do to get their minds off the situation

If Emergency Medical Services is required designate one adult to call 911.

Provide the following details to emergency responders:

• Details of emergency
• Your location
• Assistance required

Designate one person to go to trail head to meet EMS.

If necessary use the Emergency Contact List to call the contact person of the injured person.


  • Q: How to register? A: Registration is through zone 4 online. Emails will be sent for registration notifications.
  • Q: What is the cancellation policy? A: XC Bragg Creek reserves the right to cancel classes if there are dangerous or extenuating circumstance such as bad weather, strong winds or conditions that may damage the trails system.
  • Q: How and when will I be notified of a cancellation? A: Class cancellations will be made by 4pm Saturday (for Sunday rides) & by noon on Wednesday (for Thursday rides). Notifications made via email.

  • Q: What is the refund policy? A:  Changes to the evening in which you are registered can only be done under extenuating circumstances and only prior to the registration deadline if spots are available. 

    • Program cancellations are only accepted prior to the registration close date and are subject to a $25 administration fee per registrant.
    • Program cancellation requests after the registration close date for extenuating circumstances only (a doctors note is required) will be considered and are subject to a $25 administration fee per registrant.  
    • No refunds or credits due to cancellation of program due to inclement weather