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Welcome To XCBC

Our club was founded a few short years ago by Roy Strum, who also started the school lessons at Banded Peak, the mountain bike program, and revived an event we have held in Bragg Creek for the last three years – the Alberta Youth Championships. Unfortunately, for Bragg Creek, Roy and his family moved to Canmore a couple of years ago; however he left a very dynamic, and rapidly growing club with a small number of keen volunteers.

Three years ago we had approx 15 kids total in the ski group with 2 coaches. Two years ago we had 2 groups of Jackrabbits (JR), and one large group of Track Attack (TA) kids, with a total of 7 coaches. Last year we had 3 groups of JR, one group of TA and a new older group, Learn 2 Train Team (L2T) and adult lessons with a total of 11 coaches. This year we will have 5 groups of JR, 2 TA groups and one L2T group, 1-2 adult groups and 20 coaches!

Historically, our biggest “problem” is finding enough experienced coaches to train and then teach the kids, so for safety and value of a winter program, we limit our group sizes and add extra groups when we can. Unfortunately, we continue to have a waiting list very year and so far, that is the nature of XC Bragg Creek. We are constantly working to remedy that, while keeping in mind that we are volunteer run club and admin is managed by a very small workforce – we don’t want to burn anyone out! Thus sometimes a delayed time response to website inquiries result.

Quite frankly, our gorgeous little club is bursting at the seams. I’m very proud of our community based club and our programs. As lead ski coach, my goal is to maintain a high quality program that keeps safety and fun in mind while creating a healthy and strong skiing community. One way we do this is by expanding the number of programs offered, and providing classes on different nights. The other is to continue to keep the group sizes at a safe and manageable level.

So, please be patient as we have our growing pains, and keep in mind if you are not happy with something, there are a myriad of ways to help the club – not all of them require being a skier.


West Bragg Trail Head

10 mins west from Bragg Creek Hamlet.

Paddys Flats

15mins from Bragg Creek hamlet, west along Highway 66.
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