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Cross Country Ski Registration now open

The XC Bragg Creek cross country ski program is now open to new members.

To register click zone 4

For more information on our ski programs, select the menu bar at the top for cross country ski  (there are many different skill level categories that are also broken down under the zone 4 registration link)

Enjoy summer while it lasts!

Fall 2018 REC Mountain Bike Program

Our fall 2018 REC Mountain Bike program is now full.

To be added to our wait list, please register here: zone 4

You can also purchase your annual XCBC club memberships at the above link and join in our parent supervised group rides (no drop offs allowed).

Happy trails!

Grizzly Mountain Events

There are some pretty cool events for multi sport – open water swim, SUP, Xterra, triathlon, mnt bike cross marathon, 50k marathon, 50k relay marathon.
Good cross training or goal setting.


Meet Your Team

Flora Giesbrecht
Flora GiesbrechtHead Coach Cross Country Ski
Flora is thrilled to be a part of the XCBC team as the head Nordic Ski Coach. She is but one of an incredible group of dedicated folks that are helping keep our young club alive and vibrant, and our greater Bragg community active in the great outdoors.

Flora’s club coaching experience includes: the Banff Ski Runners, Foothills Nordic Ski Club, Calgary Ski Club, Calgary Outdoor Centre Learn to Loppet and Learn to Birkie programs and XC Bragg Creek- hoot hoot!! Flora’s competitive team history was as a Banff Ski Runners, on the Alberta Ski Team, on the Canada Winter Games team and the University of New Mexico Ski Team. Flora is very approachable and thoroughly enjoys sharing her passion for the sport with all ages and abilities.

Erik Anderson
Erik AndersonPresident & Head Coach REC Mountain Bike
Dustin Leclerc
Dustin LeclercHead Coach Performance Mountain Bike Team
As a cyclist my Racing and Coaching experience comes primarily from the various Mountain Biking disciplines having raced and coached XC, Downhill and Endurance events over the years. My love for mountain sports brought me west to Alberta in 2009, having a settled in the Okotoks and having first child I look forward to joining the XC Bragg Creek ski and mountain bike programs as a coach and sharing my passion for the mountains and an active lifestyle.
Growing up in Northern Ontario XC skiing was picked up early on in life, after university volunteered as a ski patroller in both the Nordic and Alpine disciplines for 5 years at both competitive events and some Ontario’s busiest resorts.

Want to Join Our Club!

***Cross Country Ski program registration is now open*** Link: zone 4 ski registration

***Fall 2018 REC Bike Programs are now full***

To register for the wait list or purchase an XCBC club membership and join us for parent supervised group rides with the fall REC bike group, go to this link: zone 4 REC bike

If you are on our mailing lists, info will be sent with registration dates for the fall REC Mountain Bike program.

Please note that our program registrations are a tiered sign up process allowing previous members priority registration to ensure that they can continue their growth & commitment in our program. New members are welcome to join the club and attend group rides (REC bike) if program classes are full, allowing fun for all.

Please email to be put on a mailing list for future programs: program director and make note of which program you are interested in (x-country ski youth/adult and/or youth mountain bike).

XC Bragg Creek

XC Bragg Creek is a family oriented cross country ski and cross country mountain biking club serving the Greater Bragg Creek community. XC Bragg Creek is built on the following beliefs:

  • Every child can learn to ski/bike skillfully (technical proficiency)
  • Going fast on skis/bikes is fun(physical fitness)
  • Skiing/biking is fun and challenging (personal development)


Contact Us

Contact Info

(Box 759) West Bragg Creek, Alberta, T0L 0K0

Web: xcbraggcreek.ca

XC Bragg Creek is a family oriented cross country ski and cross country mountain biking club serving the Greater Bragg Creek community. XC Bragg Creek is built on the following beliefs:

Supporters of XCBC

West Bragg Trail Head

10 mins west from Bragg Creek Hamlet.

Paddys Flats

15mins from Bragg Creek hamlet, west along Highway 66.
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